Jim Tweedie 

I was inspired to pursue a career in portrait photography by a mother who had a wonderful gift for capturing gesture and character in the portraits she painted and a father who believed in the value of recording important life events on film. However, the pull of nature and the desire to capture it on film has always been a strong undercurrent flowing through my life. Nature photography has been a counterpoint to my work in the studio.

In nature, and in the studio, fate brings subjects my way. As a portrait photographer, my mission is to capture an expression that reveals something about each subject that is profoundly personal yet speaks to others. My mission, as a nature photographer, is somewhat similar. Whether I am viewing a bird in flight or the glimmer of sunlight on the water, I am using my lens to capture an image that tells a story or stirs an emotional response.

The beauty of life and nature is in the moment; the fleeting moment before the smile vanishes, the sun sets, the fog lifts or settles in a meadow. Photographing those moments has been my calling, my challenge, my passion.

J im Tweedie

Jim Tweedie